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Network Quality Monitoring

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Uniquely Competitive OSS


Key Benefits

-Historical and real-time visibility

-Optimizes the availability of network resources

-Reduced operational costs as a result of simplified monitoring of complex converged networks

-Early problem detection – allowing preventative action before end-user services are impacted

Your individually customized KPI dashboard
The dynamic web-based portal, powered by our
test and monitoring engine, is all about speed, efficiency and intuitive applications. Your network’s customized Quality KPIs are displayed on your individual dashboard – giving you an instant end-to-end overview of the network’s performance.

Instant data anywhere, anytime
At a glance, the dashboard provides you with the precise control layer and network data you need to make quick decisions. And with the ability to log into your secure, customized view from any network PC, the information is available whenever you need it.


Prevention is better than the cure
Anritsu’s Traffic Observer provides real-time visibility, enabling network operations personnel to detect network problems and irregular traffic situations as they happen, allowing you to take preventative action before end-user services are impacted.

Powerful, automatic trend-spotting
Dynamic, self-adjusting alarms, clearly visible on the web-based portal, automatically alert you to hostile network traffic such as mass-calls, SPAM and hacker attempts. Our dynamic solution identifies emerging network intrusion patterns or trends and automatically makes the necessary adjustments - ensuring optimum network protection.


Increase your focus on customer service
Using a combination of real-time and historical data, fully customized, up-to-the-minute reports make trend analysis, route optimization and measuring service quality simple. Our Network Quality Monitoring gives you more time to focus on providing superior customer service instead of navigating a maze of data.


-Individually customized, web-based portal

-End-to-end monitoring across converged networks

-Real time alarms on congestion and other abnormal network behaviors

-Network quality models for definition of internal SLAs

-Drilldown capabilities to historical signaling data for instant troubleshooting and test-call generation