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Customer Use Cases for Industrial IoT / Smart Factory

Customer Use Cases for Industrial IoT / Smart Factory - Efficient, Scalable and Reliable Solution

Following are some of the common challenges and considerations in assuring wireless communications quality for the IoT devices used in the Industrial IoT (IIoT) / Smart Factory field.

CPE/FWA Devices

CPE/FWA (Customer Premises Equipment/Fixed Wireless Access) Devices

Why do we need to verify the product performance after embedding the modules and antennas?

Wireless technology is complex, which is why it is necessary to confirm the performance of the finished products, as it might not satisfy the communication standards and regulations even if a wireless communications module itself does. As key factors for CPE/FWA devices, confirming the peak throughput performance and thermal status is very important.

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RF Components, such as Antennas and Power Amplifiers

RF Components, such as Antennas and Power Amplifiers

What is expected of the RF components in actual 5G use cases?

RF components are one of the key aspects in determining the features of IoT devices. In order to enhance the wireless technology and the complicated wireless functionality, the verification at the RF components level, rather than at the finished product level, is no longer sufficient to ensure IoT device quality.

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Construction and Agricultural Equipment

Remote Control of Construction and Agricultural Equipment

Is the outdoor connectivity verified?

IoT also supports the ability to remotely control equipment or collecting real-time data. But IoT device vendors need to consider that their devices always have the possibility of increased performance quality risks in outdoor environments due to the presence of various types of RF signals. These RF signals may include signals that interfere with communication, which is why it is necessary to consider the suitable wireless communications performance for actual usage while still in the lab.

Is the delay in response time within the acceptable range?

Remote control sometimes requires fast response time to guarantee accurate and sometimes critical operations. The delay of data packet transmission may create an unduly stressful work environment which may increase the risk of accidents.

Smart Factories

Smart Factories

Is the connectivity with production equipment verified?

Smart factories, one of the hot topics in “Industry 5.0”, require simultaneous and massive connections to many pieces of production machinery, sensors, and various types of equipment and devices for gathering real-time data. For example, when using wireless LAN, the increased simultaneous access may deteriorate the ease of connection due to external noise and large packets being retransmitted at signal. This raises the necessity to consider the most appropriate wireless communications standard for the actual site.

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