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IoT Device Test Solution:
OTA Testing for RF Components

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R&D of RF Components, such as Antennas and Power Amplifiers

For the R&D of RF Components such as Antenna, Power Amplifier

OTA Testing in 5G NR: Challenges, Solutions & Best Practices

OTA (Over-the-Air) Testing for 5G Antenna - FAQs


What do I need for 5G Antenna OTA (Over-the-Air) performance testing?


For OTA testing of 5G, you will need the OTA chamber and the Base Station Simulation Tester to use with it. Please note that Total Radiated Power (TRP) and Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) measurements are required.


Why does testing OTA require a base station simulator and an RF isolation chamber?


OTA testing has become a growing trend in 5G. The RF components' performance has to be confirmed in finished devices, using a base station simulator to verify the actual operation of the finished product.

mmWave is especially a challenge, since in mmWave smartphones the antenna is integrated on the front-end modules and there is no connection port for conducted testing. Thus, it becomes necessary to use OTA testing to confirm the connection between the antenna and base station and verify RF performance at the R&D phase.


What product do you recommend I use for 5G OTA testing?
Besides, I feel it is not easy and takes time to realize the successful connection between the device and base station.


Anritsu's Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A. It is a market-leading product for 5G OTA testing and we also collaborate with different OTA chamber vendors, depending on your testing requirements. Our wireless testing experts are ready to support your testing needs!

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Anritsu Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A supports your 5G testing needs by delivering consistency, stability and ease of use. Anritsu wireless testing experts are ready to support you with technical expertise to develop an OTA system to best meet your requirements, including chamber and Base Station Simulation Tester, as well as to connect it with the DUT.

Recently, Anritsu has launched a one-box, low-cost and scalable solution - Entry Model Base Station Simulation Tester. We added this solution to our product portfolio and you can select from a variety of testing solutions, ranging from high-end to low-cost, depending on your test requirements.

Additionally, for OTA testing for Wi-Fi, consider Anritsu's Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A.