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Link Master LML

This product has been discontinued

Link Master LML gives the operator many choices on call or data session set-ups and real-time analysis. With up to six UEs and up to four scanning receivers (Link Master Multi-Band Receiver), operators can evaluate multiple networks and multiple call types, virtually every scenario can be drive tested. For indoor applications a simple user interface enables walk testing multi-story office buildings. With integrated Wi-Fi coverage measurements, users can simultaneously test network coverage (2G, 3G, 4G) and Wi-Fi coverage.

Discovering opportunities for optimizing network performance is effortlessly visualized with comprehensive analysis tools including:

  • Real-time mapping with trace lines to the serving cell sector
  • Simple multi-floor in-building network characterization
  • Full playback capability
  • One-click synchronization

Link Master tools provides the data and information necessary for maximizing wireless network performance with:

  • Subscriber UE network dependent performance data
  • Receiver independent network performance data
  • Layer 1 Measurements and Layer 3 Signaling: OTA, RRC, NAS

Drive test multiple technologies and networks simultaneously on one platform with multiple call types and users:

  • Voice, Video, Data, SMS, MMS, FTP, HTTP, PING, E-mail
  • Six UEs and/or four receivers (Link Master Multi-Band Receiver)

The Link Master family of optimization tools consists of:

  • Link Master LMLAir Interface Logging Tools
    Link Master LML logs air interface data taken during a drive test from multiple UEs or receivers on a PC.
  • Link Master LMAAir Interface Analysis Tools ML8726A
    Link Master LMA provides in-depth analysis of the post processed log data on a PC.
  • Link Master Multi-Band Receivers – ML87110A-10 and ML87110A-20
    Link Master Multi-Band Receiver provides independent RF analysis of the air interface.

Link Master is only available in the U.S., Canada and Mexico

Please contact LumosRF for quotes and support:

Bruce Morley – Phone: +1-408-315-6632
Malcolm Caraballo – Phone: +1-510-209-4793


Maximize KPIs, Reduce Churn
It is critical in today's competitive environment to meet key performance indicators (KPIs) for minimum dropped and blocked calls and to maximize data throughput for the demanding subscriber. Optimizing the network will eliminate network performance as a reason for churn.

Link Master air interface family of optimization tools provides the necessary measurement tools to determine your KPIs and the analysis tools allowing you to easily identify where you can boost your network performance.

Whether you are planning, implementing, optimizing, or benchmarking an outdoor network or a multi-story in-building network with microcells, picocells, or femtocells, the Link Master platform is the one solution for your air interface optimization requirements.