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Link Master Multi-Band Receivers

This product has been discontinued

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The Link Master Multi-Band Receiver gives the operator an independent view of their Air Interface and when combined with UE data, provides a complete solution for solving network coverage problems. Up to four Multi-Band receivers can be used by the Anritsu Link Master LML logging tool, allowing operators to evaluate multiple networks and multiple call types, virtually every scenario can be drive tested. For indoor applications a simple user interface enables walk testing multi-story office buildings. Users can simultaneously test network coverage (2G, 3G, 4G) & Wi-Fi (via Wi-Fi chip in PC).

Link Master LML & Link Master LMA support scanning receiver data and will work with the Anritsu ML87110A Link Master Multi-Band Receiver. The Multi-Band receivers are considered Network Independent devices, they will scan and collect everything in the particular bands and technologies that are being collected by the Link Master LML drive test software.

UE’s are what are termed Network Dependent devices, due to the quick decision making that is necessary between a mobile device (UE) and the wireless network, a UE’s search parameters are limited to using a neighbor list (expected sectors/carriers within its area of operation) downloaded from the serving cell/sector the UE is connected too.

Many problems arise when there are unexpected signals (un-expected carriers/sectors & interferers) in the area of operation, but go un-discovered by the UE due to its limited search parameters.

Having both the UE data and the Multi-Band Receiver data is a powerful tool that helps to quickly determine & solve network problems. The data from the two are compared, network dependent data vs. network independent data and anomalies if they exist are quickly found and located.

The Link Master Multi-Band Receiver measurements are available for LTE, WCDMA, CDMA, EVDO, GSM, Channel Power and CW signals.

The Link Master family of optimization tools consists of:

  • Link Master LMLAir Interface Logging Tools ML8725A
    Link Master LML logs air interface data taken during a drive test from multiple UEs or receivers on a PC.
  • Link Master LMAAir Interface Analysis Tools ML8726A
    Link Master LMA provides in-depth analysis of the post processed log data on a PC.
  • Link Master Multi-Band Receivers – ML87110A-10 and ML87110A-20
    Link Master Multi-Band Receiver provides independent RF analysis of the air interface.

Link Master ML8725A and ML8726A is only available in the U.S., Canada and Mexico


Maximize KPIs, Reduce Churn

It is critical in today's competitive environment to meet key performance indicators (KPIs) for minimum dropped and blocked calls and to maximize data throughput for the demanding subscriber. Optimizing Outdoor (Macro) and Indoor (DAS) networks will eliminate network performance as a reason for churn.

Link Master air interface family of optimization tools provides the necessary measurement tools to determine your KPIs and the analysis tools allowing you to easily identify where you can boost your network performance.

Whether you are planning, implementing, optimizing, or benchmarking an outdoor network, a Neutral Host DAS network or a multi-story in-building network with microcells, picocells, or femtocells, the Link Master platform is the one solution for your air interface optimization requirements.