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Anritsu Company Introduces Multi-Band Receivers to Expand Drive Test Offering for Field Engineers and Technicians

Receivers Work with Link Master™ Drive Test Tools For Simpler and More Accurate Method of Locating Network Interference

Anritsu Company introduces multi-band receivers for its Link Master drive test tools that offer field engineers, technicians and consultants a complete drive test system for locating interference and ensuring optimum wireless network operation. The Link Master tools and multi-band receivers create a powerful solution that helps users quickly determine and correct network problems, and improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Acting as network independent devices, the multi-band receivers scan and collect data in designated bands and standards in parallel with gathering network-dependent UE data. All the data can be stored in Link Master LML Air Interface Logging Tools so deeper analysis on the performance of a wireless network can be made.

The data acquired by the multi-band receivers is compared to the results of the UE network-dependent data in the Link Master LMA Air Interface Analysis Tools. This makes it easier and faster for users to locate the interferer, such as a rogue sector outside the neighbor list that was ignored by the UE or too many strong carriers within a given area.

Anritsu developed the multi-band receivers as a complement to Link Master and to provide wireless service providers, network equipment manufacturers’ installation and operations groups, and third-party contractors with the analysis tools necessary for today’s field testing environments. Link Master is a family of PC-based air interface drive test and analysis tools that measures network performance and identifies opportunities for optimization. Link Master is designed for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, including HSPA and LTE.

Link Master LML provides users with multiple choices on call set-ups and real-time analysis. As many as six UEs or four receiver devices on multiple networks on multiple call types can be tested, allowing virtually every scenario to be drive tested. A simple user interface enables field engineers and technicians to walk test multi-story buildings in applications such as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

Link Master LMA post-processing tools provide analysis of the data collected via the Link Master LML and the multi-band receivers. It features a highly efficient database engine that allows users to perform quick analysis and have fast response times to queries, as well as allows for quick report generation. User-definable filters or threshold limits allow users to narrow the focus to specific areas of interest.

The multi-band receivers have a delivery of 4-6 weeks ARO.

About Anritsu

Anritsu Company is the American subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of innovative communications test and measurement solutions for more than 110 years. Anritsu provides solutions for existing and next-generation wired and wireless communication systems and operators. Anritsu products include wireless, optical, microwave/RF, and digital instruments as well as operations support systems for R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Anritsu also provides precision microwave/RF components, optical devices, and high-speed electrical devices for communication products and systems. With offices throughout the world, Anritsu sells in over 90 countries with approximately 4,000 employees.


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