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Anritsu Introduces LTE-Advanced and IEEE802.11ac Software for Signal Analyzer and Vector Signal Generator Families

New Packages Help Developers and Manufacturers Speed Time-to-Market and Lower Cost-of-Test

Anritsu Company introduces three software packages supporting LTE-Advanced and five packages supporting IEEE802.11ac that extend the analysis capability of its MS269xA/MS2830A signal analyzers and MG3710A/MG3700A vector signal generators. With the software installed in the instruments, developers and manufacturers of LTE-Advanced UEs and components, as well as wireless LAN (WLAN) modules and devices have accurate solutions to verify performance, speed time-to-market, and lower cost-of-test.

The MX269020A-001 software package, developed for the MS269xA series and MS2830A, can be used to evaluate the characteristics of components and devices used for LTE-Advanced FDD base stations. It greatly simplifies modulation analysis of the multiple carrier waves comprising LTE-Advanced signals, by providing a single-measurement operation.

Anritsu has also developed the MX269908A-001 waveform generation package that provides an easy-to-use graphical interface (GUI) for generating LTE-Advanced signal waveform patterns. The software can be used with the MS269xA series or MS2830A when the signal analyzers are equipped with optional vector signal generator hardware to create a comprehensive LTE-Advanced FDD signal analysis solution.

For WLAN IEEE802.11ac analysis, Anritsu developed the MX269028A-002/001 software package that allows developers and manufacturers to use the MS269xA/MS2830A to evaluate signal characteristics of WLAN IEEE802.11ac devices. The MS269xA series can measure signal bandwidths up to 160 MHz in the IEEE802.11ac signal bandwidth specification, while the low-cost MS2830A can measure signal bandwidths up to 80 MHz.

WLAN IEEE802.11ac signal waveform patterns can also be generated with the MS269xA/MS2830A with the new software. Installing the patterns in the MS269xA series or MS2830A with the optional vector signal generator hardware allows the instruments to output test signals required for evaluating the Rx characteristics of WLAN devices.

MG3710A/MG3700A Vector Signal Generators The MG3710A/MG3700A provide users with advanced signal generation capability. Both the LTE-Advanced FDD waveform generation and WLAN IEEE802.11ac software packages can be used with the unique features of the vector signal generators for a high level of analysis. The MG3710A/MG3700A can be used to output test signals required for evaluating the Rx characteristics of WLAN devices, when the MX370111A-002/001 software is installed. The MG3700A supports output of IEEE802.11ac signals at bandwidths up to 80 MHz wide, whereas the MG3710A outputs signals at bandwidths up to 160 MHz wide.

The MG3710A is designed with two RF signal outputs with an upper frequency limit of 6 GHz, which is advantageous for LTE-Advanced and WLAN IEEE802.11ac applications. A single MG3710A can output an LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation signal between bands simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple signal generators traditionally required to ensure devices meet specification. Since the MG3710A supports two RF signal ports, the software can be used to output the discontinuous 80 MHz + 80 MHz signal via one main frame, allowing for analysis with a single instrument that traditionally required two signal generators.

About Anritsu

Anritsu Company is the United States subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of innovative communications test and measurement solutions for more than 110 years. Anritsu provides solutions for existing and next-generation wired and wireless communication systems and operators. Anritsu products include wireless, optical, microwave/RF, and digital instruments as well as operations support systems for R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Anritsu also provides precision microwave/RF components, optical devices, and high-speed electrical devices for communication products and systems. With offices throughout the world, Anritsu sells in over 90 countries with approximately 4,000 employees.


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