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Anritsu MP1800A BERT, MP1825B 4-tap Emphasis Used in IBTA Plugfest

Signal Quality Analyzer/Emphasis Configuration Used to Conduct Physical Layer Tests on Cables to Ensure Compliance with Latest IBTA Specification

Anritsu Company announces that its MP1800A BERT Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) and MP1825B 4-tap emphasis were used by the InfiniBand® Trade Association (IBTA) in the 21st InfiniBand Compliance and Interoperability Plugfest recently held at the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL), in Durham, NH. The MP1800A/MP1825B configuration was used during the compliance portion of the plugfest, which created a technically sophisticated environment to determine if products were in compliance with InfiniBand architecture specifications, as well as other InfiniBand products.

"We only used high-speed specialty equipment during the plugfest to meet the 56 Gbit/s requirements of the latest InfiniBand specifications. The MP1800A and MP1825B were essential tools in testing both QDR and FDR Active InfiniBand cables. We thank Anritsu and all the other companies that helped make the 21st InfiniBand Compliance and Interoperability Plugfest a success," said Rupert Dance, co-chair of the IBTA CIWG.

The MP1800A, which has a wide 100 Mbit/s to 56 Gbit/s bandwidth, and MP1825B were used to conduct Limiting Active Time Domain Testing measurements on QSFP+ cables (AOC 14.0625G x 4-channel) in accordance with volume two of the IBTA specification, the physical layer. The test required the MP1800A to produce a jittered eye based upon an independent setting of SJ and RJ, as well as emphasis from the MP1825B to compensate for Data Dependent Pulse Width Shrinkage (DDPWS). The ability of the MP1800A/MP1825B configuration to conduct pre-emphasis and produce a mask-compliant eye at the output of a mated connector pair (MCB+HCB) was vital to the test. This capability was achieved because the MP1825B Emphasis supports easy changes to the pre-emphasis waveform amplitude, offset, and amplitude of each tap, for effective evaluation of the characteristics of high-speed interfaces, including InfiniBand.

"Anritsu has always been active in organizations that help in the advancement of technology. Our test instruments are designed to ensure the performance of the next generation of communications products. We hope to continue to work with the IBTA, as our MP1800A/MP1825B is a solution that was developed with high-speed technologies, such as InfiniBand, in mind," said Wade Hulon, Vice President and General Manager, Anritsu Americas.

About the InfiniBand® Trade Association

The InfiniBand® Trade Association was founded in 1999 and is chartered with maintaining and furthering the InfiniBand specification. The IBTA is led by a distinguished steering committee that includes HP, IBM, Intel, Mellanox Technologies, Oracle, QLogic and System Fabric Works. Other members of the IBTA represent leading enterprise IT vendors who are actively contributing to the advancement of the InfiniBand specification. The IBTA markets and promotes InfiniBand from an industry perspective through online, marketing and public relations engagements, and unites the industry through IBTA-sponsored technical events and resources. For more information on the IBTA, visit

About Anritsu

Anritsu Company is the United States subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of innovative communications test and measurement solutions for more than 110 years. Anritsu provides solutions for existing and next-generation wired and wireless communication systems and operators. Anritsu products include wireless, optical, microwave/RF, and digital instruments as well as operations support systems for R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Anritsu also provides precision microwave/RF components, optical devices, and high-speed electrical devices for communication products and systems. With offices throughout the world, Anritsu sells in over 90 countries with approximately 4,000 employees.

InfiniBand (TM/SM) is a trademark and service mark of the InfiniBand Trade Association. Other names and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Anritsu Contact:
Kim Collins
Director, Americas Marketing
Anritsu Company
Agency Contact:
Patrick Brightman
Executive Vice President

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