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Anritsu enhances its CMA 3000 all-in-one field tester with ATM measurement options

"All-round Easy-to-use test tool for the Daily Operation Accelerates Access Network Trouble Resolution"

Anritsu Instruments Company, a subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation, a global provider of operational support solutions for advanced and converged networks, announced today the availability of new ATM measurements options for its CMA 3000 all-in-one field tester.

The ATM-over-SDH option allows both active testing with one transmitter and one receiver and simultaneous bi-directional monitoring of ATM traffic with two receivers. This makes CMA 3000 the ideal instrument for both in- and out-of-service transmission-quality measurements.

With this operators and equipment manufacturers can now quickly test and measure access network communication lines based on ATM and SDH transmission. In the near future another option for the instrument will support testing of ATM over PDH (E1/E3). Further options support testing of Ethernet, E3 and V-series interface lines, which together with the powerful E1 test capabilities for the basic CMA 3000 makes it a very versatile test solution.

Thanks to the bidirectional monitoring capability the user can quickly verify that both sides of the ATM connection are working properly with the new ATM option for the CMA 3000. For in-service troubleshooting of ATM channels on SDH links the CMA 3000 provides powerful bidirectional statistical measurements for analysis of up to 30 ATM channels.

As you can combine ATM and SDH testing with Ethernet and E1/E3 testing in one self-contained unit, the field technician is well equipped to solve the problems in the access network.

"ATM is widely used in the access networks of today. In the mobile environment the 3G access networks are based on ATM. In the fixed line access networks ATM over SDH is used to transport data to ADSL customers" said Ole Soerensen, Product Manager, Anritsu A/S. "Therefore it is important for field technicians installing and maintaining these types of networks to have a universal tool like the CMA 3000 to test ATM together with all the other technologies they have to take care of."

CMA 3000 ATM options highlights: -Bi-directional monitoring of ATM streams -In-service bi-directional ATM analysis of up to 30 ATM traffic channels -Powerful testing of ATM channels through SDH and PDH systems with 1 foreground channel and up to 14 background channels -Easy to use operation with intuitive setup pages on the large color screen

About CMA 3000 CMA 3000 is Anritsu's next-generation field tester designed specifically for field technicians who install and maintain mobile-access and fixed-access networks, transmission networks and switching. CMA 3000 is a powerful tool for a wide range of applications, from fast first-aid troubleshooting to comprehensive, in-depth and all-layer analysis of transmission problems. The modular design provides a clear and cost-effective upgrade path, allowing operators to expand the CMA 3000 from a full-featured transmission line quality tester to an advanced signaling analyzer.

General CMA 3000 highlights: -Test interfaces for SDH and PDH -IP and Frame Relay testing -GSM, GPRS/EDGE, UMTS -Intuitive user interface, with large color touch-screen display and easy-to-understand graphical symbols -Comprehensive out-of-service testing for installation, provisioning and propagation time analysis -In-service, bi-directional monitoring at all speeds for fast troubleshooting, traffic monitoring, identification of synchronization problems and error performance measurement -Performance analysis -Physical line monitoring -Easy-to-install options -Battery powered (high-capacity LiIon battery)