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Enhanced Signalling Tester Now Simulates TD-SCDMA Base Station

Introduction of Signalling Unit and Simulation Kit Allow MD8470A to Verify TD-SCDMA User Equipment and Chip Sets

Anritsu Company introduces the MU847040A TD-SCDMA Signalling Unit and MX847040A TD-SCDMA Simulation Kit for its MD8470A Signalling Tester base station simulator. With the new tools, the MD8470A can be used for development and verification of call processing functions and communication functions on user equipment (UE) and chip sets utilizing TD-SCDMA technology.

The MU847040A is hardware unit for simulating TD-SCDMA base station operation while the MX847040A is TD-SCDMA simulation software that has been designed with a decode function for analyzing the protocol message log between a UE and the MD8470A. When the MU847040A and MX847040 are installed in the base station simulator, a real world testing environment that allows users to freely define TD-SCDMA base station operation is created. A variety of call conditions, including voice call, packet communication and SMS (Short Message Service), can be verified on TD-SCDMA UE when the new tools are integrated into the MD8470A.

Compact in size and equipped with a WindowsR operating system user interface, the MD8470A does not require external servers or a remote PC, allowing users to create a testing environment that occupies much less space. Engineers can efficiently test mobile phone terminal functions in their own personal development environment with the MD8470A. The MD8470A's wide frequency range of 400 MHz to 2.7 GHz allows it to be used in a variety of 3G applications.