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Avionics and Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance

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ILS incorporates a localizer and a glide slope antenna system to help the pilot direct the aircraft to the centerline of the runway and down a safe rate of descent. The localizer generates and radiates 90-HZ and 150-HZ signals to provide final approach azimuth navigation information, while a glide slope sends two frequencies that are received by aircraft instruments and used to determine if the plane is above or below the desired rate of descent.

As one would expect, the slightest variation in transmission and/or reception can be catastrophic. That is why technicians regularly measure performance to make sure the systems are in accordance with international standards set by the Commercial Aviation Safety Team/International Civil Aviation Organization (CAST/ICAO). With so much at stake, the technicians rely on the most accurate field instruments.

Testing Wire Cable Assemblies and Harnesses

Anritsu leads the way in testing wire cable assemblies and harnesses used as airframe electrical control cabling on aircraft. Our Broadband Site Master cable and antenna analyzer and VNA Master handhelds utilize the Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR) measurement technique, which is superior than TDR in locating damage along the cable length, moisture entry in antennas or connectors, dielectric aging, and other common deterioration processes. FDR also allows tests to be conducted on a bundle at the entry connector, avoiding the need to crawl through aircraft bulkheads or remove one access panel after another trying to find a cable fault.

In The Lab

If your avionics applications take you into the lab, the Anritsu signal generator product line offers the industry’s broadest frequency coverage enabling generation of baseband, IF, RF, and microwave signals. There are many options to configure a system for today’s application and budget, while maintaining flexibility for future requirements.

VNA Master

The VNA Master is a convenient and accurate instrument for measuring absolute insertion-phase characteristics or comparing phase match between multiple RF cables used in ILS and VOR systems. A key advantage of the VNA Master is that it self-contains the test signal source and directional devices to detect forward and reverse power. It requires no other external accessories and is battery operated, so it is a very convenient tool for field operation.

Spectrum Master

Another compact, battery operated solution for avionics is the Spectrum Master family of handheld spectrum analyzers. The instruments utilize a similar compact, field-proven design as the VNA Mater, and have the high performance necessary to locate interfering signals, as well as to measure signal strength to ensure overall system operation.