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High-performance Infotainment Test Solutions

In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) communication systems provide automobile passengers with both information and entertainment.

The number of advanced automobiles with the latest wireless communications connections is increasing and infotainment systems are making large advances. For example, linking the automobile displays with a smartphone not only enables hands-free navigation, communications, messaging, and music entertainment, but also facilitates listening to news, weather, and traffic reports as well as making restaurant bookings, through integrated use with connected functions. Integrating various functions into one infotainment system provides passengers with driving support and better safety, playing a key role in providing users with an excellent ride experience.

High-function entertainment systems are supported by a variety of communications technologies, including cellular (LTE-A/LTE/UMTS/GSM), Bluetooth®, WLAN, digital/audio broadcasts, and voice control, resulting in high system complexity. As a result, system developers and production engineers face difficulties in identifying the causes and impact of interference.

Moreover, getting the best value from the many advanced functions not only requires tests at the module level but also requires integrated testing in the actual usage environment of completed products combining many modules.

Anritsu’s portfolio of the latest industry-leading solutions for infotainment systems helps solve these problems at every stage from development to mass-production.

Infotainment Solutions

Vehicle Acoustics Evaluation Solution for Wireless Communications Environment

The number of automobiles with built-in communications functions is increasing and communications, such as hands-free operation requiring the same voice quality as smartphone usage, is becoming commonplace. However, connections between peripheral equipment and IVS are becoming more complex, causing problems with communications latency and making evaluation of voice quality extremely important.

Combining Anritsu’s Signalling Tester MD8475A/B with the ACQUA from HEAD acoustics GmbH, a leading company in audio evaluation, provides the perfect audio evaluation solution for configuring replay tests in the actual acoustics environment.

Evaluation of RF Characteristics using Optimized OTA Measurement

Assuring WLAN quality is becoming more important as automobile cabin WLAN devices become common and data traffic volumes increase to provide infotainment while driving, map data updates, etc.

As part of its quality inspection regime, the automobile industry is favoring evaluation of WLAN device RF characteristics in an Over The Air (OTA) environment closely mimicking actual usage.

With its wide dynamic-range performance, the Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A not only supports evaluation of RF characteristics while the WLAN is connected, but is also the best solution for OTA tests where signals can be unstable.

Testing Automobile Cabin WLAN Characteristics

Evaluating the performance of standalone WLAN modules is inadequate for implementing stable communications using cabin WLAN products. As required by IEEE802.11b/g/a/n/ac (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz), the Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A supports quantitative evaluation of TRx characteristics while the WLAN product is communicating in the actual usage environment.

Bluetooth SIG RF Verification Test

Automobile cabin infotainment systems use Bluetooth technology for operations such as playing music and hands-free communications, especially via smartphone. This technology is standardized by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) which also specifies the required test cases. The Bluetooth Test Set MT8852B supports all the Bluetooth SIG-certified RF tests and has a wide application range from R&D to production-line testing.

  • Supports Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate RF tests used by hands-free communications and infotainment systems
  • Supports Bluetooth Low Energy RF tests used by keyless entry systems, etc.
  • Supports tests of Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) function for restricting impact of interference signals, such as WLAN, on Bluetooth channels

Dynamic Maps Communications Evaluation Environment

Cellular and Wi-Fi networks are the typical communications methods for streaming dynamic maps. Since the MD8475B not only simulates a cellular network, it also can simulate various faults and changes in the communications conditions that may occur when updating dynamic maps by using with a Wi-Fi access point.



Easy WLAN Product Quality Checks
Bluetooth Low Energy Tests

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Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A

Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862AThe MT8862A for measuring WLAN products provides quantitative wireless data on completed products and on products in the actual usage environment.

  • Measurement using same connection procedure as actual use
  • No DUT control
  • Connection to both IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac Access Points and stations
  • Measurement while security encryption function ON
  • Troubleshooting logs
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Bluetooth Test Set MT8852B

Bluetooth Test Set MT8852BThe MT8852B supports test procedures specified by the Bluetooth SIG RF Test Specifications to measure BR, EDR, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth Audio, etc., functions required for chipset and product R&D and manufacturing.

In addition to graphical display of test packets for R&D using bundled PC application software, measurement results can be evaluated automatically using Pass/Fail test limits for easy problem troubleshooting at the development test stage.

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Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A

Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870AThe MT8870A is the perfect test solution for mass-production of wireless equipment meeting various standards, such as mobile phones (2G/3G/LTE/LTE-Advanced), V2x (IEEE802.11p), WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, global satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo) and broadcast systems (FM radio, DVB, ISDB-T). It supports industry best-of-class high-speed measurements for calibration and verification. It is the main inspection equipment used by many world-leading smartphone manufacturers, where it is highly valued for performance, stability and support for a wide range of wireless methods.

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Signalling Tester MD8475B

Signalling Tester MD8475BThe MD8475B is an all-in-one base station simulator supporting LTE-A/LTE, W-CDMA/HSPA /HSPA Evolution/DC-HSDPA, GSM/EGPRS, TD-SCDMA/TD-HSPA, etc., test environments. The easy-to-use SmartStudio GUI-based software and test sequences for GUI automated control cut the time required for setting the test environment. Using these functions simplifies tests of telematics control unit (TCU) and data communications modules to speed-up implementation.

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