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IWCE 2014

3/26/2014 - 3/27/2014 , Las Vegas, NV

IWCE is the authoritative annual event for communications technology in the working world. IWCE provides the foundation for the technology, operations, engineering and governance for your communications technology networks, systems and services.

Anritsu will have speakers on a Panel Discussion.

Date: Tuesday, March 25th

Time: 1:00pm - 4:30pm

Room: S233


800MHz Post Rebranding Interference Workshop

David Witkowski, Sr. Product Manager

Date: Thursday, March 27th

Time: 9:45am - 11am

Room: S230

Session #: TH04


Every land-mobile-radio system only is as good as the various components and subsystems that comprise it. In this panel discussion, experts will explore a variety of subsystems and components and provide tips for troubleshooting common problems that system managers encounter.

Tom Brinkoetter - Consultant

IWCE 2014