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For Every Question there's an Anritsu

6/6/2011 - 6/8/2011





For every Question there's an Anritsu

Every day, you're faced with
questions. And every day, Anritsu's VectorStar™ family of vector network analyzers provides answers to those questions.

Join Anritsu at IMS 2011 in booth 1818 June 6th through the 8th to see the next-generation solutions you need to solve all of your
application challenges.

Here's a sneak preview before the show:

Mark your calendar for one of our speaker sessions
  • Workshop: Monday, June 5, 8:00am – Anritsu's Jon Martens will present "Practical AM/FM, AM/PM and IMD Measurement Issues" as part of WMC
  • MicroApps: Wednesday, June 8, 12noon – 1:30 – Anritsu's Steve Reyes speaks at the Nonlinear Characterization Expert Forum
  • ARFTG Technical Session at the Hilton Hotel, Session 4-1, Friday, June 10, 2:50-3:10 – Anritsu's Jon Martens, Karam Noujeim and Tom Roberts speak on "An improved stability broadband/mm-wave VNA structure"

Can't make it to the show? No problem!

Download our free Application Notes now to learn more or request and demo, and we'll come to you:

Station 1 header
  • MS2035B VNA
  • MS2036C
  • S820D SM Broadband
  • MS2721B
  • MS2726B
Station 2 header
  • VectorStar VNA
  • 4-Port Test Set

Station header 3
  • ME7838A/VDI 75 GHz mm Wave
Station header 4
  • MG3694C Signal Generator
  • ML2496A+MA2411B
    Power Meter/Sensor

Station header 5
  • MP1800 SQA

Station header 6
  • MS2830A SA
  • MS2692A SA
Station header 7
  • VectorStar + HFE nonlinear device testing

Station header 8
  • VectorStar + Cascade Probe System

Station header 9
  • ME7838 Broadband System