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Web Remote Tools for Anritsu Handheld Instruments

Browser Based Remote Control

Many Anritsu handheld instruments, including the MS2720T Spectrum Master, the MS271xE Spectrum Master, and S3x2E Site Master,and the MW82119B PIM Master, may now be controlled from any web-enabled device, including laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems all are supported, using the customer's existing web browser software (Chrome or Firefox preferred). An optional Ethernet port is required.

Spectrum Monitoring Needs

One traditional method of spectrum monitoring involves taking a spectrum analyzer to a site with an RF issue and waiting until the problem can be seen. If that takes too long, the spectrum analyzer would be setup to capture traces for a week or two, and later, the captured traces analyzed. If nothing was visible, a few settings would be changed and another week's worth of data would be collected. While this method is time-tested, it can be improved. Another spectrum monitoring issue focuses on testing Remote Radio Heads (RRU's) and other inaccessible radio units. Skilled technicians may be prohibited from accessing radio equipment located on a tower top or other hazardous location. This obviously makes testing and troubleshooting difficult.

The Solution

Web Remote Tools allows many Anritsu handheld instruments to be controlled from web browsing devices. Once set up, your laptop, tablet, or smart phone can be used to control the instrument, download files, or check up on what it is seeing. The web browsing device must have an HTML 5 compliant browser and the instrument will need the Ethernet option. That’s it. PC software is not needed. Web Remote Tools brings flexibility to spectrum monitoring and remote control applications that have previously been lacking.

Anritsu Web Remote Tools Has:

  • Flexibility: Link to the Anritsu handheld instrument from any web-enabled computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Quick setup: Create short range links up to 300 feet using a Pocket Wi-Fi router
  • Long Range: Create world-wide long range links using a wired backhaul
  • Responsiveness: Get up to 5 traces per second update rate in fast mode

Remote Functionality Includes:

  • Full instrument control: Interactive instrument control from anywhere with web access. Use whatever web-enabled computing device you have with you.
  • easyTest scripting for the Spectrum Masters: Simplify complex spectrum monitoring requirements. One button measurement sequences.
  • Download instrument files, directories, and sub-directories as a zip file: Get your test results on your computer where it’s needed!
  • One-computing-device-to-many-instrument control: Control many instruments from one computing device, one instrument per tab.

While all instrument parameters can be freely controlled from Web Remote Tools, there are a few things that still require physical access to the instrument, including uploading files to the instrument, firmware updates, and listening to the instrument’s audio output. The instrument’s power switch is not remotely controlled. As mentioned above, the browser must be HTML5 compliant (Chrome or Firefox preferred).

Since no remote software other than the browser is needed, this means that these Anritsu instruments may be controlled from iOS, Windows, Android, or Linux-based computers, tablets or smart phones with web browser software. You can control or monitor your Anritsu Spectrum Master instruments from your current location, anytime night or day.

Detailed hook-up instructions are available in the application note Spectrum Master with Web Remote Tools.


Web Remote Tools with Spectrum Master