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Fully Reversing VNA Mode now available for S820E Microwave Site Master

Anritsu Releases VNA Mode Option 0440 For The S820E Microwave Site Master


VNA Mode is the first in a series of planned option releases that further enhance the capabilities of the high performance handheld S820E instrument. Users now have a portable instrument capable of simultaneously measuring all 4 S-Parameters of a 2-Port device in the field.

Philip Belleau, Senior Product Manager for the S820E said "With bench top performance and boasting 110 dB of typical dynamic range even at 40 GHz, the S820E with VNA Mode enables users to bring a true VNA instrument into the field where those difficult measurements need to be made. The S820E VNA measurements correlate well with bench top VNA instruments such as Anritsu's ShockLine™ series and Anritsu's premium VectorStar™ series of VNA instruments."

Existing S820E instruments can be easily upgraded to add VNA Mode via a software option configuration license file. No additional hardware or calibrations are required to support the addition of VNA Mode in the field. The VNA Mode option number is S820E-0440 for new instruments. For existing instruments, the retrofit option number is S820E-3440.

To upgrade existing instruments contact your local Anritsu Customer Service Center.


VNA Mode now available for Anritsu S820E Microwave Site Master