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TTCN-3 Viewer

Protocol Conformance Toolkit TTCN-3 Viewer,
get a better view of LTE with Anritsu.

In advance of the commercial release of the Anritsu LTE Protocol Conformance Test System (PCTS), many terminal developers and test engineers have a requirement to conduct early analysis of the 3GPP TS 36.523 LTE conformance test cases.

The FREE Anritsu PCT TTCN-3 Viewer download allows you to view and analyse the 3GPP TS 36.523 LTE Protocol Test Cases, drafted by ETSI in TTCN-3. The Anritsu PCT TTCN-3 Viewer provides a more comprehensive view than a simple text editor, allowing you to view the test script structure in detail.

Initial features provide significant time savings in analysis by allowing for direct import of ETSI TTCN archives and the automatic generation of the project structure. Advanced search including keyword highlighting allow for quick and easy analysis with output display in tree format.

  • View and analyse the 36.523 LTE Protocol Test Cases, drafted by ETSI in TTCN-3
  • "1 step up" from a simple text viewer
  • Allows you to see the test script structure
  • Direct import of ETSI TTCN archives
  • Automatic generation of project structure
  • Outline view - View project hierarchy
  • Key word highlighting
  • Advanced search facility - Visualise search output in a tree

Click the Download button to get your FREE TTCN-3 viewer. Get a better view of LTE with Anritsu.

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