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Optical News

Issue #7, July 2006  
Optical News
GPON Provides the Features and Price to Make FTTx Real for Carriers

Carriers may have found a new weapon in their ongoing battle with cable companies for consumers and market share. Gigabit PON (GPON) is becoming the technology of choice for many companies who are developing FTTx networks to provide the video and other high-bandwidth services consumers are requesting.

Many carriers were leery of developing FTTx strategies because of its associated costs. GPON, which offers a nice combination of bandwidth, flexibility, and cost, appears to be the technology of choice for U.S.-based carriers. The three largest U.S. carriers have recently conducted a joint request for proposal on GPON technology, selecting it over Ethernet PONs (EPONs), which have been used in Japan to deliver high-speed data.

Anticipating the growth of FTTx and the need for quality of service (QoS), Anritsu has developed OTDRs and power meters that address FTTx testing requirements. The ACCESS Master MT9081 series OTDRs are designed for last-mile FTTx metro access network testing. Their short 1m dead zone provides essential accuracy for analyzing problems in short fiber runs and typical FTTx applications. Plus, ACCESS Master has special features for professionals responsible for installing and maintaining fiber links to the premises (FTTP), home (FTTH), or curb (FTTC). 

Anritsu also offers handheld power meters for FTTx applications. Fast, accurate and easy-to-use, the CMA 50 series is designed for attenuation and throughput measurements of fiber optic links. The power meters are offered with common calibration wavelength and connector options to meet the testing requirements of FTTx networks. The CMA5 power meters are ideal for testing single-mode and multimode fibers in various types of applications. They have multiple wavelength calibration, including 1490 nm for FTTx testing needs.

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