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Mobile World Congress 2012

Anritsu - Enabling Innovation with Advanced Test and monitoring Solutions

Anritsu is the leading supplier of test and monitoring solutions for LTE and HSPA networks. Our innovative technology for test & certification of devices, installation and maintenance of all types of networks, and monitoring systems for service assurance, provide a combined expertise to help ensure the most profitable and professionally managed deployments in the mobile broadband ecosystem.


LTE Resources Pack

A large selection of LTE resources will be available on the stand in Barcelona. Collect your copies of the latest information from the stand or, if you cannot join us in Barcelona you can still download selected LTE resources online.

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LTE White Paper

LTE Resources Guide

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Development - improve time to market with faster, more dependable testing

Research and developmentThe range of innovative tools for future terminal development now includes LTE advanced (Rel 10), VoLTE, as well as proven test capability for data throughput and hardware that provides the best network simulation of any lab based protocol test system.


Conformance - reduce testing and certification costs with more reliable, stable test environments

ManufacturingFlexibility is the key to the Industry's leading Conformance Protocol Test system. As well as being number 1 GCF test provider, test systems are also able to run tests for many Carriers. The CAT (Carrier Acceptance Tests) use the proven graphical flow chart environment so that easy debug of terminal issues are possible.
ME7834 - Mobile Device test Platform


Manufacturing - increase device quality through stable feature rich testing

ConformanceAnritsu's MT8820C makes testing of LTE physical layer parameters quick and simple, including the measurement of both TX and RX parameters. Parameter setups and pass/fail limits for tests defined in 3GPP 36.521-1 are pre-programmed, including automatic setup of uplink and downlink RB allocations. Options are available for 2x2 MIMO including IP-layer throughput at 100 MB/s downlink data rates.
MT8820C - Radio Communication Analyzer


Installation - maintain optimum infrastructure performance with cutting edge handheld tools

InstallationTo ensure reliable and trouble free cell site deployments and operation, Anritsu will showcase the widest range of field test tools in the business. These range from the industry standard Site Master, the most advanced all in one field tool BTS Master, and the unique new PIM Master with the patented ‘distance to PIM’ to accurately resolve the problems associated with spectrum re-farming and deployment of mobile broadband onto legacy GSM voice networks.
MW8209A - PIM Master


Monitoring - customer focused network management

monitoringMasterClaw is a multi-network monitoring solution, integrating LTE with legacy 2G/3G mobile and fixed/NGN networks. We put your customers at the heart of our products, supporting Customer Care, Sales and Marketing departments in addition to Engineering and Operations. From Advanced Customer Experience Management to guided troubleshooting, MasterClaw exceeds your expectations. New this year: 1) Manage LTE data traffic. 2) Test right into your enterprise customers’ premises. 3) Locate external radio interference in your frequency band. From Radio to Core to Interconnect, we capture, analyse and present the information you need. Anritsu Professional Services identify revenue loss and suggest solutions. Collect your free copy of “Making your LTE investments profitable” brochure at MWC.
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Keep up to date with LTE. Visit the LTE Technology pages for the latest technology and product news. There are also some excellent resources to download including reference posters, technology guides and white papers.

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