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Mobile InterferenceHunter Downloading Maps

Ready Made Maps

For a list of pre-made maps, please choose from the region on the left. If the map that you are looking for is not available you can create your own. See Instructions for making maps below.

Instructions for Making Maps

Use the OpenStreetMap web site to download your map.
Once on the OpenStreetMap site:
  1. In the search box, located in the upper left, type in the city that you are looking for. Click on Go.
  2. After you you have selected the desired city map from the displayed list, click "Export" located at the top left corner of the page above the search box.
  3. To the left of the screen, below the Export button, click on "Overpass API".

Open the file using your Mobile InterferenceHunter software.

  1. From the main menu choose: Settings|Map Source|Open Source Maps.
  2. Browse to your download folder.
  3. Select 'All Files' in the file type dropdown.
  4. Find the file just downloaded and select Open.

When you open in Mobile InterferenceHunter software, a dialog box pops up to enter the city and country. Then the map is converted to our required format and opened in the software program.

The converted files are saved so that the next time you open that location, no additional formatting is needed.

Mobile InterferenceHunter Downloading Maps

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