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Issue #7, July 2006  
RF/Microwave News
RF Auctions Increase Need for Spectrum Analysis in the Field

Three RF spectrum auctions will be held by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this year. The first two ? in the 400 and 800 MHz range ? are designed for air-to-ground transmissions so that airline passengers can access the Internet, while the third, will sell more than 1,000 licenses for advanced wireless services (AWS) between 1710 ? 1755 MHz and 2110 ? 2155 MHz.

While these three auctions, particularly the AWS, are much anticipated, they're not anything compared to the expected auction in 2007 of the 700 MHz spectrum, currently used by TV broadcasters. The federal government's decree that all television broadcasts must be in digital by 2009 is freeing up the 700 MHz frequency. There is some controversy over this auction, as there are concerns over how it will affect the public safety network bands at 764-776 MHz and 794-806 MHz.

These are just some examples of how crowded the RF airwaves have become and are an indication of the challenges carriers face when deploying, installing, and maintaining wireless networks. There is an increased market need for spectrum analysis in the field. Anritsu recognized this need and has developed its MS2721A Spectrum Master? handheld spectrum analyzer as a field instrument that can conduct all the measurements necessary to ensure network performance.

Weighing less than seven pounds, the MS2721A is a small and easy-to-use portable spectrum analyzer with measurement capability for applications up to 7.1GHz. It has low phase noise, best-in-class DANL, and the fastest sweep speeds of any spectrum analyzer in its class. The MS2721A also has several smart measurements built into the spectrum analyzer to make it easy to use.

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