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  In 1939, Anritsu developed the AC-bias magnetic sound recorder - a key part of the tape recorder. In 2007, the company marked another first with its launch of a one-box spectrum analyzer (SA) and signal generator (SG) which also provided a unique capture and recreate function.

Today, Anritsu's MS2690A and MS2830A spectrum/signal analyzer series provide an all-in-one solution that captures data and signals in the field and recreates them seamlessly in the lab, maximizing product quality and efficiency in every area including R&D, manufacturing and maintenance.

Anritsu uses the integrated SA/SG innovation to support unique, high-level functions, such as Capture & Recreate and provide advantages such as:
  • Easy laboratory monitoring of field environment by recreating field-captured signals back at laboratory bench
  • Increase in evaluation and testing efficiency with better reliability by capturing reference-device (golden DUT) signals for stable and reproducible data

Features of Anritsu's all-in-one signal analyzer and signal generator include:
  • SG Marker Trigger Function - Synchronization with output signal timing for accurate and fast measurements and analysis
  • Capture & Recreate - Regeneration and output of signal from signal generator for accurate and easy recreation of the field environment
  • TRx Sweep Calibration - Adjustable frequency and level control of femtocell/component Tx and Rx powers for optimized measurement and analysis
  • All-in-one Rx sensitivity tests using BER measurement function
  • All-in-one TRx test that supports easy test setup and configuration
Learn more about the MS2830A, MS2690A spectrum/signal analyzer series and MG3710A signal generator.

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Advanced RF design modeling and simulation, together with more complex RF noise and interference environments, are creating higher demands on RF capture/replay systems to better compare the real world effects with simulated designs and performance. New generation vector signal analyzers are developed to support this trend directly. This paper explains the principles and operation of capture/replay modes, and highlights key specifications that are relevant when specifying this capability. Also included are hints and tips for correctly configuring and optimizing a solution to help the reader quickly achieve meaningful results and avoid the most common mistakes.

With over 100 years of technological milestones we’ve advanced the world’s communication history and helped shape the test and measurement industry. Click the buttons below to learn more about Anritsu’s contributions and how it impacts our customers today through our test & measurement equipment such as the MS2830A Spectrum/Signal Analyzer.