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High Performance Analyzers

high performance SPAs

When it comes to rugged handheld instruments for military, aerospace, public safety and other demanding field-test environments, nobody is more experienced than Anritsu. Now in their 9th generation, our best-in-class Vector Network Analyzers and Spectrum Analyzers deliver the precision, accuracy and stability you need to get the right readings every time. Use these resources to find out more!



Explore how Anritsu's Spectrum Analyzer delivers full performance, precision and accuracy across the entire temperature range from -10 degrees to +55 degrees C—exactly as you'd expect in a rugged field instrument.

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Detecting Hidden Signals in Plain Sight

Hostile signals may look like a CDMA, GSM or LTE signal while hiding something completely different. Here's how to use a spectrum analyzer with antenna to identify and isolate the signal within the signal.Download now.

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Discover how Anritsu's VNA Master takes bench top accuracy into the field—with performance and features not found in any other handheld Vector Network Analyzer including 350 μsecond sweep speed, best dynamic range and much more.

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Advanced Cable and Measurement Guide

Learn how to perform sophisticated magnitude and phase measurements on a VNA, including such features as Smith Charts, time domain and group delay. Includes many diagrams and screen shots throughout.Download now.

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