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Backhaul Solutions

Our Backhaul Tools:

  • Offer comprehensive solutions for optical fiber verification and Gigabit Ethernet testing with compact, easy-to-use tools
  • Include instruments that provide easy bandwidth verification, connectivity testing, and service availability
  • Consist of instruments that are small, lightweight, and easy to read and interpret with color displays and graphic symbols
  • Provide bench-top performance in measuring microwave backhaul links at 18, 23/24, and 38 GHz and anything in between
  • Provide T1, T3, and E1 Backhaul Analyzer measurements to maximize throughput for the cell site

From Optical fiber and Gigabit Ethernet testing to measuring microwave backhaul links to providing T1, T3, and E1 backhaul measurements, our backhaul solutions are time tested and proven.

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Network Master (Gig E)
Network Master (OFL)
Spectrum Master
BTS Master
Cell Master
LMR Master
Sweep Master

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