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100GbE CFP/CFP2, evaluation of the EML device

100GbE CFP/CFP2, EML Device Evaluation


    - Crosstalk Effect Check     Timing control and Skew control between channels
    - 25 x 4λ BER     One-box 4ch simultaneous testing
    - EAM Direct Drive     3.5Vp-p Data out, Variable Cross-point
    - Jitter Tolerance Test for CDR     SJ Jitter Tolerance
    (MU181000 with jitter option can generate SJ)


100 GbE, 25G × 4λ Evaluation

The MP1800A can evaluate EML devices and optical modulators for 100-GbE standardized by IEEE802.3ba using PPG/ED modules supporting bit rates up to 32.1 Gbit/s. 4ch EML devices can be driven independently and simultaneously for accurate evaluation with excellent cost performance.
Skew and Crosstalk Effect Check

Applications using high-speed digital signals require both logic tests and actual equipment tests. The MP1800A supports both pattern synchronization and phase adjustment functions, permitting easy tests of Rx device skew tolerance and crosstalk effects.

Optimum Signal Quality for EML Evaluation

EML devices can be direct-driven by the Variable Data Output Function at up to 3.5 Vp-p. The amplitude and cross-point are easily adjusted on-screen, shortening evaluation times and offering high- reliability evaluation.

Built-in Auto Search Function

Auto-adjustment of data and clock error is simplified using the built-in Auto Search function.

Low-jitter, High-quality Waveform

The PPG module supports low-jitter and high-quality waveforms. The output amplitude can be customized to application needs.

Low-jitter: 700 fs rms (typ.)
High amplitude: 0.5 Vp-p to 3.5 Vp-p
      [MU183020A-013/023, MU183021A-013]

Crosstalk Test

Independently controls phase for each channel using built-in PPG Data Delay option to examine DUT crosstalk characteristics with excellent accuracy in 1-mUI steps.


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