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Infiniband FDR (14G)/EDR (26G) AOC Evaluation

    - 8ch (4ch End-to-End) BER     8ch simultaneous testing
    - Crosstalk Effect Check     Timing control and skew control between channels
    - Jitter Tolerance Test for CDR     SJ/RJ/BUJ/SSC Jitter Tolerance
    - Output Waveform Test     TJ/DJ/RJ/Bathtub Jitter,
    Eye Diagram (BER contour mask) analysis

8ch (4ch End-to-End) BER

Infiniband QSFP-type active optical cables (AOC) support simultaneous transmission for up to 8 channels using 2 X 4ch end- to-end transmission. One MP1800A unit supports up to 8ch (with PPG 8ch, ED 8ch, or PPG 4ch + ED 4ch installed) and all channels can be measured simultaneously using two MP1800A units for fast measurement with high performance.

Crosstalk Effect Check

Processing high-speed digital signals requires both logic tests and actual equipment tests. The MP1800A supports both pattern synchronization and phase adjustment for each channel, permitting easy testing of AOC crosstalk effects.

Jitter Tolerance Test

The MU181500B Jitter Modulation Source supports Jitter Tolerance tests of various standards because it can add SJ (two types), RJ, BUJ, and SSC simultaneously at up to 32.1 Gbit/s.
Bathtub Jitter and Eye Diagram Analysis

The built-in ED Clock Delay function supports Bathtub Jitter (TJ, RJ, DJ) analysis. Low bit error rates of 1E-12, 1E-15, etc., can be estimated quickly from transitions in bit error rate versus phase.

SJ, RJ, BUJ and SSC Jitter Generation Supporting 32.1 Gbit/s

The intrinsic jitter of the clock output from the MU181500B Jitter Modulation Source is less than 350 fs rms. The combination of low-jitter waveform with excellent jitter transparency supports high-accuracy Jitter Tolerance tests. Moreover, simultaneous injection of RJ, BUJ and SSC as well as dual SJ for two-tone supports various Jitter Tolerance tests. Additionally, the MX181500A Jitter/Noise Tolerance Test Software supports multi-mask tables as well as easy mask editing to support next-generation standards.

Bathtub Jitter

Measures optimum bit error rate based on changes in bit error rate relative to phase margin and performs jitter analysis (TJ, DJ, RJ).

Eye Diagram

Captures bit error rate contours linking specified bit error rate points.


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