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MasterClaw Monitoring

full network, service & customer visibility


With rising complexity in networks, how can you ensure that you pick the right solution for probing and troubleshooting the network and at the same time keep OpEx expenditure under control?

Operators today face many challenges in monitoring and assuring their networks. One challenge is the rising complexity, whereby networks are getting additional vertical domains to monitor including 5G and IoT, without additional resources.

Troubleshooting teams need to be able to work across these domains, with a toolset that works for both physical and virtualized networks, and with drilldown capability from the full network to the detailed trace.

Operators need to be confident that the monitoring solution is scalable to their needs, have the flexibility to generate KPIs and metrics to their exact specifications, yet have fully tried-and-tested workflows optimized for saving time and costs in Operations.

Key Benefits

Anritsu’s comprehensive automated assurance solution including our probing and troubleshooting solutions is massively scalable and cost-effective for legacy and next-generation networks, reducing operational costs and driving efficiencies for customers around the world.

It provides end-to-end insight into customer experience and network traffic with KPIs, detailed call-flow troubleshooting, real-time dashboards, and big data analytics and reporting. It assures 5G networks, virtualized and cloud-enabled, seamlessly alongside 2G to 4G networks.

Reduction in MTTR
Monitor new services and resolve network problems quickly for increased subscriber satisfaction and improved revenue

Operational Efficiency
End-to-end tracing across converged networks gives you complete troubleshooting in heterogeneous network infrastructures. Our intuitive web-based portal and dedicated work-flows make it easy to isolate problems reducing troubleshooting time and costs.

Customer Experience
When a service is unreliable or unavailable, customers become unhappy and churn. Our Automated Assurance troubleshooting applications uncover the root cause of problems faster and help prevent revenue loss.

Key Features

MasterClaw Monitoring Features

  • True end-to-end troubleshooting: Coverage of converged, next generation (NGN), legacy and hybrid networks across signalling, user plane and voice quality
  • Network vendor independent: Non-intrusive probes that enable monitoring of converged multi-vendor networks, without any dependency on any network equipment vendor
  • High scalability: Scalable from single node to fully fledged network wide hybrid data networks, fixed and mobile
  • Instant verification of corrective actions: Dashboard and KPI reports verification allows problems to be anticipated and addressed quickly in a cost-effective manner
  • Dynamic and self-adjusting alarms clearly visible on the web-based portal, automatically alert you to hostile network traffic: Our dynamic solution identifies emerging network intrusion patterns or trends, and automatically makes the necessary adjustments - ensuring optimum network protection
  • Customized data view: Intuitive, user-friendly, and web based portal
  • Long term storage for network data events