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eoSight Customer Analytics

Network, Service and Customer Analytics


How can you ensure subscribers get the best possible experience while keeping operational costs minimized?

Operators have one key task, which is to ensure that each customer has the best experience. Network monitoring and troubleshooting tools assure the network and enable drilldown for individual problems but don't look at the wider customer experience issues.

To gather this customer experience data, which is a vast volume of data and records, you need to have a smart collection and processing, smart storage tailored to OpEx requirements, and speed to generate real-time actionable insights.

With new technologies coming online like 5G, with huge expansions happening in IoT, operators need visibility into the experience for all subscriptions and the flexibility to support use cases in multiple domains. Out of insight comes actions which can used to improve the experience for all subscribers.

Key Benefits

eoSight Benefits

  • Minimize the cost of high value data used to understand customer experience
  • Improve experience by focusing on problems that impact the most customers
  • Monetize your network, services and subscriber information
  • Break the database-cost treadmill
Key Features

In-memory Analytics
Datacubes produced in-memory for speedy analytics and high impact visualisations

All Subscribers, All Technologies in Real-time
Real-time identification of subscriber experience for all services from 2G to 5G, IoT to Smart Cities.

Smart Multi-dimensional Subscriber Insight
360⁰ view of subscriber data across all services with easy data exploration and drill down to supporting troubleshooting applications.

Extensible Use Case Capabilities
Import and blend data with subscriber insights for expansive additional use cases including VIP Care, Corporates Reporting, IOT, and Marketing Analytics