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Custom Software Services - Telecomms


In today’s world when electronic communications fail nothing can get done, communities become divided and customer dissatisfied. It’s a totally unacceptable state of affairs. Therefore, telecommunications providers need to have the software to rigorously monitor and test their networks to ensure the highest quality service.


Our multi-disciplinary team offers industry understanding and expertise in developing custom software solutions for telecommunications companies in the following areas:

  • Passive monitoring - real-time signaling data acquisition, processing, analysis, correlation, deciphering
  • Active monitoring - active probes, tests scheduler, dashboard, alarming, quality monitoring
  • Real-time traffic processing - processing of user or system data
  • Interoperability tests - IMS platform / PBX, SIP & SBC configuration
  • SIP testing - Active testing of VoIP services, testing of SIP signalization, call sequence editor
  • Protocols analysis - 4G, 3G, 2G, IP protocols like Iub, Iu, Iur, SIP, H.323, H.248, RTP, IP, Gb, GTP, MAP, DNS, SS7, and more
  • 4G/3G Conformance testing - LTE/UTRAN RF conformance testing based on 3GPP, preparation for GCF certification


Here are some examples of projects we have completed:

Developed and deployed a next generation active testing platform for a large European telecom operator. Anritsu CSW built a distributed system with probes located at strategic points across the world. Each probe is connected directly to the internet through core network interfaces (Gn, S5/S8, S4/S12) and emulates “real” end-user behavior for examining performance of different services (VoLTE, IPSec, FTP, POP3 and SOAP). KPI’s are collected locally before being transferred to a central server for processing, analysis and reporting.

We were contacted by a major US-based communication equipment OEM because of our long standing experience in GTP tunnel tracking, small cells and LTE to assist them with developing a critical software module so they could accelerate their time to market for a new range of communications optimization and correlation engines. Anritsu CSW developed real-time software module for tracking user data in GTP tunnels on luh and S1 interfaces. Extracted user data was sent for further processing (TCP acceleration) and modified data was then pushed back to the GTP tunnel.

In the mobile telecommunications area, we worked with one of Europe’s largest operators on a project for testing the interoperability of it IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) with the Private branch exchanges (PBX) of different vendors. Our team was required to validate the best performance configuration settings for each IP-PBX (SIP Trunk, local SIP Accounts), executing different test cases (simple call, long duration call, emergency call, and supplementary services). During our testing the team were able to highlight several issues on the IMS platform for the operator.