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Consultancy Services


You don't need to employ a specialist for every problem you have. Our experts, with years of experience and vast amounts of knowledge, can give you their opinions on the multiple problems you might encounter when developing or optimizing your products. Every problem has a solution, and we can help you find the right one.


Our experts with years of experiences and of knowledge can give you their opinion on:

  • Software Project Implementation and Management - do you have a challenging software project and do you need a helping hand? Our experienced professionals are ready to help you.
  • Requirements Analysis - you don’t need to be a software expert. Just tell us about your idea and we will analyze, structure and document your requirements. We can also help you with a feasibility study or proof-of-concept.
  • Telecoms Consultancy - telecoms is at the heart of our business. Our experts are ready to help you with Network architecture, Protocols and Integration.
  • Outsourcing - we have been in the outsourcing business since 1998 and can help you manage your outsourcing partnerships.
  • Digital Privacy Protection - your data is your most valuable asset. We can make sure that your data is safe.


Our multi-disciplinary team offers industry understanding and expertise in developing custom embedded software solutions:

In the mobile telecommunications area, we worked with one of Europe’s largest operators on a project for testing the interoperability of its IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) with the Private branch exchanges (PBX) of different vendors. Our team was required to validate the best performance configuration settings for each IP-PBX (SIP Trunk, local SIP Accounts), executing different test cases (simple call, long duration call, emergency call, and supplementary services). During our testing the team were able to highlight several issues on the IMS platform for the operator.

For a Global SMS gateway provider our experts were called upon to explain the benefits of Signaling System 7 (SS7), how to deploy and service enhancements provide by the architecture to save costs. Our work allowed the OEM to enhance its gateway to additionally support SS7.

One network operator relies on our experts to determine possible enhancements of already developed and deployed systems. We prepared a feasibility study for the options for upgrading from VoIP to VoLTE examining potential bottlenecks and estimating implementation costs. Using our work, the operator was able to determine the viability of implementing each enhancement.