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Technical Support and Spare Parts

If you need to request service or order parts:
Call us at 847-419-9729
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For after hours, weekends, and holidays:
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Performa360 Programs

PERFORMANCE ASSURANCE: The performance of your equipment is what keeps your business running smoothly. We are here to help you customize and tune your equipment to get the best performance from your solution. That’s why we have created programs for instrument and process optimization, qualification, validation, testing, auditing and many more offerings to ensure your equipment continues to run at peak efficiency. Our turnkey services help you reduce risk and increase efficiency while ensuring product safety and advancing overall product quality.

Anritsu AN0082 Performa360 Brochure.pdf

Anritsu upholds itself to upholding your credibility and reputation in the food and pharmaceutical industries with the following training and support programs:

Technical Service

Our expert team of service professionals can perform on-site facility maintenance on any one of our machines for you anywhere in the world. Take a look at our Support page to locate where the nearest service representative is located.

Training and Support Programs

We offer a Power User training course to educate your employee(s) on the theory, use and operation of your facility’s x-ray system. This program allows us to protect your products, your customers and your reputation in the food and pharmaceutical inspection industry. We want you to have long-term success, which begins with quality training and ends with support programs.

Quality Inspection and Safety Program (QIS)

Authorized and radiation safety trained Anritsu service technicians will provide a full performance review of the system and your operations on a regular schedule with the inclusion of a documented site visit report. This program reduces risk, assures the system is maximized and performing, confirms system safety and prevents downtime resulting in increased operational efficiency with a commitment to assure you are advancing the quality of your product through proper operations.

Radiation Safety Training

Anritsu will guide and assist you throughout the entire registration, regulatory compliance and training process for your x-ray inspection equipment. A Radiation Safety Manual will be distributed to your company with all of the procedures and forms necessary for compliance. The four hour Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Course will be held at your site of operations, and is tailored specifically for the cabinet x-ray facility owner. Meanwhile, multiple two hour Radiation Safety Training classes will be held at your site for all of your x-ray operators, QA inspectors, maintenance personnel and any other support staff.