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Package Check - X-ray Inspection System

X-ray Inspection System

XR75 Seal-Check / Package Check
This product has been discontinued
Anritsu XR75 X-ray Inspection System for Package Check is designed for detecting seal defects in food packages as well as in semi-transparent, colored, and even in aluminum-foil packages.

Introducing the XR75 Packing Check specialized for package integrity checks.

Ensure the integrity of packaged products and minimize the risk of safety issues.

Anritsu X-ray Inspection Systems provide not only contaminant detection but also product verification simultaneously. Products can be inspected for missing or broken product, virtual weight, count, void check, etc. X-ray inspection systems are now becoming an essential tool on production lines for ensuring the safety and quality of products.
The XR75 Packing Check is specially designed for detecting seal defects in food packages.
X-ray absorption rate can vary depending on the thickness of the seal area on the package. The Packing Check generates the alarm when detecting defects in the seal area by measuring the difference in x-ray absorption between the normal and the defective seal areas. Wrinkles on the seal area can be identified on the same principle.

packingcheck_Sliced ham

The seal area that contains product absorbs more X-rays than the normal seal area.

Benefits of Performing Package Check

Today’s consumers are paying more attention than ever to food quality and safety risks. Product trapped within the seal during packaging can cause a decrease in the seal strength, which can spoil the air-tightness of a package and give rise to product deterioration during storage. The Anritsu XR75 Packing Check is specialized for identifying product caught in the seal areas. In addition to contaminant detection, the XR75 Packing Check can also perform a variety of product integrity checks simultaneously, enhancing product quality and eliminating safety issues.

Benefits of Performing Package Check
*We do not bear any responsibility with respect to damages due to quality defects in the product produced by the manufacturer.

Examples of product caught in the seal area

Instant curry roux

Instant curry roux

Potato salad

Potato salad

Granular consommé

Granular consommé

Gummies in aluminum metalized package

Gummies in aluminum metalized package
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The Anritsu Packing Check detects seal defects in food packages. The Packing Check is capable of detecting seal defects in semi-transparent package, colored package and even in aluminum-foil package. It can perform contaminant inspection simultaneously.

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