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 X-ray Inspection

 Easy operation / Simple maintenance


A 15-inch wide-screen display for comfortable operability

Projection monitor

The x-ray image is displayed graphically by limit to increase comprehension. Simple operations change the limits to enhance detection sensitivity.

A projection monitor

Software features

  • Simultaneous inspection for all types and sizes of contaminants including wire, glass, stone, and bone.
  • Optimized settings per application, 70+ unique algorithms.
  • Dynamic filters greatly enhance detection with reduction of possible false rejects.
  • Full auto-learn process - all x-ray settings are learned at the touch of a button.
  • Password protected - once set the system can be locked out from changes by production staff.
  • Allows multiple reject criteria including contaminant, virtual weight, count, missing and more.
  • Full reject log and image capture capability with time/day stamps for all rejected products.
  • Built-in multi-lane system capability - 1 to 4 lanes.
  • Stable, repeatable performance
  • Full auditing capability through Anritsu's Operation Check for HACCP compliance

Simple maintenance

Tool free belt removal

No tools are required for removing/attaching the conveyor belts and rollers including the front cover and x-ray leakage prevention curtain.

The conveyor belts

Easy-to-clean design

Anritsu x-ray inspection systems (except the 74-f series) are certified to IP66 dust-proof/waterproof. The system's angled surfaces prevent water from accumulating after system cleaning. The sanitary design line-up of two models with IP69K is also available.

Easy-to-clean design

Simple information management

X-ray images and inspection logs can be saved to the USB memory for HACCP compliance. All Anritsu systems can be connected, via Ethernet, to QuiCCA. QuiCCA provides line status information, centralized reporting and data storage.

Simple information management