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XR75 DualX Poultry (DRWZ)

XR75 DualX Poultry (DRWZ)
This product has been discontinued

XR75 DualX Poultry (DRWZ)


Finding chicken bones with x-ray inspection is hard. Anritsu’s 2nd generation poultry x-ray system greatly improves bone detection. It also has been completely reengineered to better withstand the harsh environment of poultry and meat plants.

  • Enhanced Detection: Now on Anritsu’s proven XR75 platform, this second-generation dual-energy system offers even better bone detection and higher speed than its predecessor.
  • IP69K/Sanitary Design: The robust, open design promotes thorough drainage and allows accessible high-pressure cleaning. Sloped surfaces, full sealed welds, and sealed hygenic belt minimize harborage points for continuous sanitary operation.
  • Long Life Components: Newly developed x-ray tube and detector are projected to last at least two years of typical plant operation.
  • XR75 Platform: Products are easy to set up and operator-adjustable. The interface and electronics are

X-ray output
Tube voltage 25 to 80kV, Tube current 0.4 to 10.0mA, Output 10 to 350W
Product size 1
Maximum width: 350mm, Maximum height: 70mm
2540mm L x 1870mm W
Belt width
482.6mm (19")
Belt speed 2
15 to 50m/min
Power requirements 3
200 to 240Vac, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 2.5kVA, rush current 80A (typ.) (5ms or less)
Maximum water pressure 8MPa (equal to IP69K), maximum water temperature 40°C
1: The entrance and exit may require covers depending on the length of a product.
2: Variable depending on Product No.
3: Selectable by switching terminals. The rush current shown above is at an AC voltage of 200V. It varies according to voltage