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X-ray Inspection System

XR75 Up/Down
This product has been discontinued
Standard Features
  • Conveyor can be positioned in 3 different incline angles.
  • Sanitary construction includes angled external surfaces, and mirror-finish product zone.
  • Tool-free conveyor & belt removal.
  • Smart passive cooling system costs less, consumes less energy, and is more reliable than air conditioning (standard on most XR75 models).
  • Easy-to-use software is the same interface as other Anritsu product lines
  • Quick, simple product setup wizards
  • Up to 200 product presets.
  • Beyond detection: Virtual weighing, area/size measurement, counts/missing, product defect recognition.
  • Comprehensive data and reporting, including USB export and network connectivity.
Mechanical Options
  • Signal light tower
  • Sanitary upgrade: Solid frame, solid conveyor rollers, full seal welds, mounting stand-offs, magnetic door interlocks, sanitary gaskets at joints, sealed feet
  • Belts: Silicon, teflon, high temperature
  • High grip rollers
  • High torque motors
  • Product side guides
  • Shield extensions
  • I/O expansion boards
  • Air conditioner
Productivity Options
  • QUICCA3 (quality control software)
  • EtherNet/IP
  • OPC UA

XR75 Curtainless Up/Down Conveyor

Ideal for lightweight packaged products and many unpackaged bulk applications

  • Inclined (up/down) curtain-free conveyance allows products to move untouched through the system.
  • Best-in-industry detection
  • Automatic new product registration and configuration
  • Extended component lifespan with Advanced Long Life (ALL) technology