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Rejector Systems

An extensive product lineup of rejectors has improved safety and validation, as well as improved speed (up to 2.1 times faster than conventional Anritsu products). The reject systems operate at the speed of 250 products/min. The standardization of functions on the rejector ensures reliability and safety, including:

Rejection Confirmation

Rejection Confirmation Test
To ensure products are classified properly, a sensor has been mounted on the Pass-product side of the rejector.

Rejection Operation

Rejection Operation Check
The sensor mounted on the rejector actuator monitors the rejector gate and the conveyor to ensure they are working properly. Other items that can be monitored include: failures of internal units, such as actuators; problems with air supply; etc.

Chute Check

Chute Attachment/Detachment Check
To ensure system safety and to prevent improper discharge of products, the attachment/detachment status of the chute of flipper rejectors is constantly monitored.

Types of Rejectors

Flipper Type
The most common type of rejector is the flipper. NG products are pushed aside by the rejector gates (arms). It is ideal for products in boxes and thick bags.

Dropout Type
The rejection conveyor drops down to drop the NG product. It is ideal for products in thin bags.

Up and Out
Up and Out Type
The rejection conveyor flips up so the NG product drops out of the line. It is suitable for products in thin bags.

Air Jet
Air Jet Type
NG products are blown sideways off of the line by a powerful air jet. It is ideal for small, lightweight packaged products at high speed.

Trip Type
In this unusual belt method, NG products are carried off either left or right by belts running crosswise to the product flow. It is suitable for rejecting large packaged products.

Pusher Type
NG products are pushed off the line sideways by the action of a gate attached to an air cylinder. It is suitable for rejecting products in packages and thick bags.

Turning Type
This method uses a turning gate to reject NG products. It is suitable for rejecting products in large packages and in thick bags at comparatively high speed.

Carrier Type
NG products are sorted horizontally without any shock due to rejection. Since the rejection process doesn't cause any damage, it is ideal for fragile products.

Chute Type
Rejected products fall when the chute is reversed. It is ideal for rejecting relatively light bulk products.

Shuttle Type
The belt on the rejector is expanded/contracted during the rejection to let the NG products fall. It is ideal for unpackaged animal products and sticky bulk products.