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Anritsu Infivus SSV Series Economy SSV-f Checkweigher

SSV-f Economy Checkweigher
This product has been discontinued

 Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel or Painted Control Panel Exterior
  • Non-waterproof Conveyor
  • Load Cell Balance
  • Stainless Steel or Painted Frame
  • Color LCD Touchscreen

Optional Features

  • Tower Light (with buzzer alarm)
  • Data Printer
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Line Height Change
  • Plate for Anchor
  • Remote Indicator
  • Cross Plate
  • Product Guide
  • Windshield (full cover)
  • Windshield (top)
  • Windshield (protector)
  • CE Marking
  • FCC Marking

The SSV-f series checkweighers are equipped with a highly versatile load cell for balance. A wide range of applications, including heavy products can be weighed on the SSVf. Dynamic checkweighing can be performed on heavy cartons, bags and canned products. Improved productivity as a result of our proprietary Smart Measurement Function (SMF) technology prevents unnecessary rejection due to double product errors. The maximum speed is 310 products/min. with an improved scale value of 0.001 g, and maximum accuracy of ±0.01 g.