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Anritsu Infivis Selected for Food Online’s Top 10 of 2018


Each year Food Online distributes over 100 newsletters featuring content written by top industry thought leaders. At the end of the year, Food Online summarizes the top content from the year into their Top 10 newsletter. These trends, tips, industry news, and more are the most engaged content from the past year, receiving the most views for the year. For 2018, Anritsu Infivis was selected as one of the Top 10 articles of the year.

Food Online is a premiere resource for the production of safe and healthy food. They curate content on best practices and solutions in food safety, food processing, automation, packaging and supply chain. On their website, you’ll find case studies, white papers, and other technical solutions and product information for the latest trends vital to the food industries.

This year, Anritsu Infivis’s Erik Brainard wrote a compelling whitepaper for the Top 5 Considerations When Upgrading From Metal Detection To X-Ray Inspection. This whitepaper takes an in-depth look at the top issues and benefits of upgrading to X-Ray Inspection from Metal Detection including a cost-benefit analysis, integration considerations, and efficiency benefits, not to mention the added value of X-Ray Software Inspection tools for the prepared foods industry.

As more and more food processors are upgrading from standard Metal Detection to X-Ray Inspection there are many areas to take under consideration when making this switch. Metal detectors, historically the most common detection method, can only uncover metals. X-ray detection works by revealing differences in density. Therefore, X-rays can find a broad array of inorganic objects, including metal, quite effectively.

As the reliability, capability and affordability of X-ray systems have improved over time, food processors are finally able to benefit from X-ray’s ability to detect a broader range of contaminants and analyze for other packaging anomalies. Not only can X-ray detect a greater variety of objects and metal, but X-ray systems offer additional quality control inspection options (e.g., counts, virtual weighing, fill levels) within one unit.

Take a look at the full whitepaper here.

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