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Benefits of a Large Product X-Ray Inspection System


If your business requires you to view large quantities of small packaged goods, you will benefit from the use of x-ray inspection systems. Anritsu offers four models of packaging industry x-ray systems that provide long-term flexibility and are incredibly user-friendly. The four large product x-ray systems we offer include:

  • KD7447DW
  • KD7447DWE
  • KD7337AWH1
  • KD7337AWH2

Every model Anritsu offers are produced with the highest-quality materials for durability and easy maintenance.

Benefits of Anritsu Large Product X-Ray Inspection Systems

When you select Anritsu, you choose superior quality and service. Our large product x-ray systems feature a large aperture infeed system which allows you to inspect large cartons, cases, bags and goods that contain multiple small packs. Both the KD7447DW and the KD7447DWE are equipped for productions up to 590 mm x 250 mm. Our KD7337AWH1 and KD7337AWH2 systems can inspect products up to the size of 690 mm x 250 mm. Other standard benefits you can expect from your Anritsu x-ray system include:

  • Color LCD Touch Panel
  • Variable Belt Speeds
  • Variable Line Heights
  • Flow Direction Change
  • Online Interface
  • Statistics
  • NG History
  • Dust and Waterproof Protection Class
  • Simple Cleaning
  • HACCP Support

We also offer optional features such as:

  • Printer
  • Rejection Confirmation
  • Relative Mass Measurement
  • FCC Compliance
  • CE Marking

Call us at 866-200-6276 and learn more about how our products can benefit your business. You can also fill out our quick and convenient online form to contact customer service. Don’t trust the integrity of your products to inferior machines, choose Anritsu x-ray systems for the highest quality and accuracy.

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