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Top X-Ray Inspection Systems for Product Quality and Safety


Engineered with precision and high-sensitivity detection, our HD systems are the superior choice for food safety inspection but, with so many models to choose from, distinguishing between each can be overwhelming. Are you debating which top x-ray inspection system is right for your processing needs? Here is a digestible overview comparing our new XR75 advanced long life technology models:

  • Economy High Definition X-Ray Inspection System: This basic entry model is the ideal choice for inspecting smaller packages of dry goods and lightweight, bagged products. The economy model is well-suited for detecting small contaminants such as those in seasonings.
  • Standard High Definition X-Ray Inspection System: If you need a bit more versatility, our next model up provides just that. This x-ray inspection system can check a range of packaged items and comes in 9 different models to suite varying product sizes.
  • High Accuracy X-Ray Inspection System: For the most careful food safety inspection, our high accuracy line is packed with power, making each one especially sensitive to contaminants. With varying models that are equipped to check hard contaminants as well as ones for soft, you can choose the exact unit to accommodate your packaged product.
  • DualX X-Ray Inspection Technology: Our DualX x-ray food processing system was expertly engineered for the poultry industry. Minimizing false rejection and with a higher detection rate of low density items, this model rises above the competition.
  • Pipeline Inspection X-Ray Inspection System: For semi-solid products and fluids that flow through a pipeline, this unit simplifies food inspection. The Pipeline model is equipped with an air conditioner, making it suitable for products such as jams and sauces.
  • Bulk Fresh Food X-Ray Inspection System: For unpackaged, fresh foods, choose our unit that’s designed specifically for bulk goods. With two models to measure varying item sizes, you can find the right fit for your product.
  • Large Product Inspection X-Ray Inspection System: If you’re running food safety inspection on large amounts of small packaged products, this line is the one you’re looking for.
  • IP69K Sanitary Design X-Ray Inspection System: With a model for packaged foods and ones for fresh goods, this line of x-ray inspection system will keep your products at the appropriate temperature and meeting all sanitary guidelines.
  • Tall Inspection X-Ray Inspection System: For tall products, this unconventional system was designed for easy processing. These two models will detect contaminants within cartons, plastic bottles, and other upright containers, excluding those made of glass.

Are you ready to learn more about our top x-ray inspection systems? Give us a call today at 866-200-5276 and speak with one of our experts.

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