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Food Metal Detectors Make Your Packaging Safer


Food and pharmaceutical processing plants use food metal detectors when they turn out quality, safe products. The production line is a fast-moving process, and both ferrous and non-ferrous metal may contaminate a run. As you know, this can be disastrous, with the result of the loss of an entire run of product. It can even shut down your whole operation, not to mention the health hazards if the batch is released without proper inspection. That is why Anritsu has developed the Dual Wave H Contamination Detector.

Food Inspection Equipment

Food inspection equipment must be accurate. To maintain accuracy, it needs to be easy to calibrate, retain calibration, and require little maintenance during typical production line use.

In addition, the units should be easy to clean. Downtime for cleaning and maintenance means less profit for the company. It also increases the chance of error in re-assembly, and the need for specialized technicians and training for maintenance. Anritsu provides its customers with high-quality equipment and expertise that increases your profit margins.

Food Metal Detection

Many food metal detection machines focus on the use of magnets to detect ferrous metals. But, non-ferrous metals can also contaminate the production line. In order to avoid having to use separate machines for your product, you can use the Dual Wave H Contamination Detector. It runs two frequencies so that it can detect both types of metals.

Anritsu is the only company to offer this high-quality level of metal detection. The false-reject rate is almost completely eliminated with their machines, increasing your production time.

A simple touchscreen allows your employees to operate the food metal detectors, allowing for sleeker production line performance.  In addition, the duw-H can be dismantled without any tools, making cleaning much faster. Maintenance of this Anritsu product does not require as much expertise as models by competitors.

Durable Products

The production line can be hard on equipment. Two of the biggest enemies of accuracy and quality are dust and water. Anritsu engineered the duw-H to be waterproof and dustproof. Models are available for most sizes of items produced by the food and pharmaceutical industries, including individual packages, bottles, glass, and plastic. You can even get the duw-H for large items.

The duw-H is three times more sensitive than the standard machine. It is easy to install and requires a minimum of maintenance.

Both the Dual Wave and the Dual Wave High Sensitivity models are water- and dustproof. For more information, call 866-200-5276 or visit our website.

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