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Our XR75 Advanced Long Life Technology Makes Food Inspection Safer


Accuracy and reliability are the two most important factors in food safety. Fortunately, the XR75 Advanced Long Life Technology from Anritsu contains both of these qualities, providing the safest and most efficient way to inspect food products. Setting a new standard for improving product quality and safety, it exceeds the needs of today’s demanding food processing industry through all of the following:

Energy Efficient Scanning

Because Anritsu’s Advanced Long Life Technology is designed to provide heightened sensitivity at reduced energy levels, it decreases true cost of ownership and has an extended life cycle. Other food inspection technology requires high amounts of energy in order to operate and generally breaks down faster.

World-Class Reliability and Accuracy

Including every algorithm you need to inspect food products, the precision-engineered XR75 Advanced Long Life Technology can detect contaminants of all kinds. Additionally, it can identify product shape defects and packaging integrity. Even if the slightest thing is wrong with a particular product, this machine will find it and alert you.

Ease of Maintenance

Dealing with potentially-contaminated food requires a lot of maintenance for a particular machine. However, XR75 Advanced Long Life Technology is designed in such a way that reduces the need for frequent cleaning. When it eventually does need to be cleaned, its plug-and-play boards and easy release conveyer make for quick maintenance.

Upgrade to the most reliable, accurate and energy-efficient food scanning technology on the market. Contact Anritsu to learn more about our XR75 Advanced Long Life Technology. Give us a call or order online to purchase yours today!

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