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Detection360: Maximizing Your Anritsu Investment


Anrtisu is known the world-over for designing and manufacturing exceptional food inspection technology that makes production lines safer and more efficient.

Now, with Detection360, we’re taking our craft to the next level…

Detection360 ensures that the investment our customers make in the technology we produce is not only correct, but completely maximized, which means they’re receiving unparalleled service and support from our team of experts. Detection360 is an innovative process that allows our team of technicians and engineers to have a conversation with our customers’ quality control personnel, which, in turn, will help us elevate our customers’ results immediately as well as in the months, years and decades to come…

Our team works through four phases:

  1. Discovery
  2. Mapping
  3. Integration
  4. Performance
to help understand a customer’s processes, pitfalls and ultimate vision – all of which will help us optimally apply our technology.

No other company provides better support, technical application or technology than Anritsu – and the Detection360 program was developed to ensure that our experience – in its entirety – can be seamlessly and effectively transferred to our customers after the initial sale.

Call us today for a free consultation and more information on the phases that will help make your quality control program pristine.

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