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QuiCCA: Anritsu’s Newest Quality Control Management Software


Improve efficiency and effectiveness of your quality control system with new QuiCCA software from Anritsu. QuiCCA is the fully automated quality control and quality management software you need to more productively monitor your manufacturing process. From past logs to current processes to future problems, the fully automated software works with your food inspection equipment to support all aspects of production.

QuiCCA can be connected to one piece of food safety equipment or multiple pieces of machinery. By connecting your quality management software to a mail server, you can receive status updates and error messages from your inspection equipment. With centralized control of the operational status, QuiCCA can even detect abnormalities in production before they occur. Three different displays allow your quality control manager to evaluate the status of your machinery, including:

  • Statistical Display – View your overall production quality in a brief overview
  • X-Bar Display – View overall trends occurring
  • Histogram Display – View the tendency of your machinery

QuiCCA Software also automatically and chronologically records data that has been received helping you handle customer and client claims more efficiently. Anritsu is committed to helping you more accurately and reliably trace your operation history for enhanced claim handling. Always stay accurate with Anritsu’s quality control system, QuiCCA.

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