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Food inspection is something that is taken very seriously, by both the USDA and our company. Our newest addition to our food inspection equipment fleet is our Poultry Bone Detection system. Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA’s DualX X-ray Inspection System is at the cutting edge of all poultry inspection systems. This incredible piece of machinery is the most accurate on the market. It is specially made to find the smallest of poultry bones. Bone fragments as small as 2.0mm can be detected; plus any foreign materials such as rubber, metal, stone, glass. With the dual action X-Ray it simultaneously distinguishes between both the poultry product and the contaminants assuring bone and foreign object free processing.

Not only does this system have the most advanced technology available but it is renowned for its ease of machine set-up, system maintenance. Faster machine set-up and system cleaning you can save time and money. Another way the DualX-ray poultry bone detection system saves money is with the accuracy. With more power it yields fewer false results, fewer false results equal operational cost savings.

Ideal for the rigorous quality control requirements of leading poultry plants the DualX surpasses other similar products by leaps and bounds. Call Anritsu today to purchase yours!

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