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Anritsu, a 50-year industry veteran, offers the most advanced checkweighing technology for food, industrial and pharmaceutical manufacturers. By offering improved signal processing and scale resolution through Smart Measurement Function (SMF) technology, we deliver a higher level of detection at a lower cost of ownership to Fortune 100 manufacturers in the food, industrial and pharmaceutical markets.

With nearly 600 top-grade food checkweighing systems to choose from, we can accommodate the needs of virtually any-sized company and budget. We offer three levels of food checkweighers, each guaranteed to minimize unnecessary rejects while maximizing line productivity and ensuring improved compliance. When you use our machines, you’re guaranteed to see a return on investment over time.

Anritsu’s SSV series of checkweighing solutions bring greater efficiencies to production lines by providing weights of each package produced. This offers the processor accurate, reliable and consistent measurements that will ultimately save money. Because our machines are so simple to clean and maintain, they also leave a very small overall footprint.

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