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Space and Cost Saver: Combination Checkweigher & Metal Detector Systems


Food Safety is one of the most important factors when it comes to distributing food products to the general public.  Offering the best quality food safety equipment in the industry, Anritsu Industrial Solutions has been providing safety solutions to the food industry for over 100 years.  Anritsu has sold over 7,000 x-ray inspection systems, over 60,000 checkweighing machines, and over 40,000 metal detection systems around the world.  Anritsu consistently produces innovative machines to detect even the smallest fragment of contamination in food.  One of the newest and innovative products in the industry is the combination checkweigher and metal detector systems. These combination systems are efficient as well as space and cost saving for your company.  These systems can provide high accuracy weighing and metal detection all in one system providing you with a fast and accurate experience.  The combination systems are a combination of the SSV series checkweighers and the duw series metal detector.  Anritsu can provide you with an integrated solution to save you money and space that delivers accurate results.  Anritsu features 3 distinct models that are available to assist with your food inspection needs.

Economy Combination Detection System: The economy series of checkweighers can weigh and detect metals in anything from large cartons to canned products.

Waterproof Combination Detection System:  This series of checkweighers is designed for unpackaged fresh food, such as fish, poultry and other meat products.

High Accuracy Combination Detection System:  This machine is designed with a high speed and high accurate force balance.

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