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The Growing Importance of Food Safety Equipment


Industrial food manufacturing brings an unprecedented level of convenience. Unfortunately, as was the case for at least one food manufacturer in 2013, accidents happened and mistakes, which called for a complete recall, were made. With more pre-manufactured food being produced today than ever before, the likelihood that someone will ingest a foreign object has skyrocketed, leaving many concerned for their well-being.

One surefire way to counteract the risk of accidental ingestion is with food inspection equipment from Anritsu. Our food inspection systems, which include the:

…and many more, are designed per our clients’ specific needs. Regardless of your environment, be it a restaurant or processing plant, Anritsu can provide your company with food x-ray inspection equipment that fits your output! For more information on the x-ray systems listed above as well as others, please visit for an in-depth look at each model.

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