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Food Inspection Technology is Worth Initial Investment


Food recalls are everywhere in the news, often costing companies millions of dollars. Prevent a recall from happening to your company by having the latest detection technology for your food production lines. Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA, Inc. has x-ray inspection equipment for a variety of products ranging from packaged goods to bulk fresh food. During the food inspection process make sure you catch even the most minute contaminants – 0.2 mm diameter ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel spheres at production line speeds with our available UltraHD technology.

By using superior detection technology for the food inspection process you can eliminate:

  • Costly recalls
  • Consumer distrust
  • Brand abandonment
  • Potential injuries and/or deaths
Before your food products go onto store shelves, have confidence that once they do, your customers can enjoy them safely thanks to your detection technology equipment within your HACCP program. Maintaining proper food inspection methods is important to your brand to maintain customers’ trust in your products. Have your food inspected by the latest in x-ray inspection equipment developed by a leader in food detection technology, Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA, Inc.

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