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Visit Anritsu's Pack Expo Booth to Win Big and View Demos


Anritsu green will grace Booth #7952 at the 2012 Pack Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago. Stop by our booth any time between Oct. 28 -31 for your chance to receive some green. You can win up to $500. It's your first step to a higher return on investment, and free money in your pocket.

Simply pick up an official Discover Anritsu Detection Card at Booth #7952. Then put your card through our x-ray inspection system to see if your card has a hidden contaminant. Since finding hidden contaminants saves your company costly repercussions in the real world, we thought we would reward you with cash (up to $500) when your card has a hidden contaminant.

What could be better than seeing our equipment in action during a live product line demonstration that can leave you a couple bucks richer? Nothing, except our featured product – the DualX X-Ray Inspection System. It has improved detection capabilities and virtually eliminates the potential threat for false rejects, thereby increasing your inspection reliability. Even overlapping products can be inspected for hidden low density contaminants without false rejecting.

Don't forget to head to our Booth #7952 at the 2012 Pack Expo for your chance to win big, as well as to see the latest in food inspection technologies from Anritsu. We continue to keep your customers safe from hazardous contaminants, even those as small as 0.4 mm.

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